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July 25 2014

Fuzzy and OJ's first comic

This is the first comic OJ and I made. He drew the comic; I wrote the script for the comic and the post below. OJ isn't around anymore, may he rest in peace. Just kidding, he got married. Lucky for you, I will never "grow up" and give up on my juvenile hobbies. In case the comic is too subtle for you, take a look on the left side of the panels. It'll make more, um, "sense".

There are many conversations that two young men can have during a night of binge drinking. These conversations are often the birthplace of ill-fated ideas. They run the gamut from slightly inadvisable ("Let's get more liquor"), to extremely inadvisable ("Let's steal your neighbor's cat"). Generally, these ideas don't survive sobriety.

Recent advances in communication have allowed for those two young men to share in an alcoholic spree remotely. Whether because of wisdom or laziness, my cohort and I can stay within the comforts of our respective homes as we drink ourselves down, sharing our poorly spelled musings online. This has the additional benefit of making most beer-induced ideas difficult to carry out promptly. But there is an interesting side effect. Those 4th grade level dialogues, for better or worse, are left indefinitely on our computer monitors so that when we stumble out of bed at 1pm the following day, we can be reminded of our then perceived bouts of genius from the night before.

One fine afternoon I dragged my groaning body the 3 feet from my bed to my desk chair to find a for-once genuinely brilliant idea forever burnt into the phosphorescent screen: “Lets strat a webccomic lol!” Not being able to draw, or even being able to hold a pencil without accidentally stabbing myself, I had to convince OJ of the brilliance of our idea. His initial response was something akin to “fuck you, it’s only 12:30, I’m going back to sleep.” Six months later, he agreed that it was indeed genius. Incidentally, we were drinking.


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