Mediocre Neighbors

March 23 2017

Sometimes Half Done is Well Done

I don't know if this comic is racist. Drawing the guy all the way on the right felt kind of racist. But I did a Google image search for "running mexican" and that's what I got. And he looked freakin' awesome. If I had a poncho like that I would wear nothing else. My coworkers would be like, "look at that sweet poncho! Also, you're fired."

It's been exactly six months since my last comic. And it was "newsy." And now here's another hard-hitting current events comic. I remember when I used to draw comics about sex and booze. My second to last comic was about mermaids and pirates. I don't even know what's going on with me! Believe it or not, tracing naked women all the time gets boring. Also, doing it in crowded cafes is really awkward. I'm constantly orienting myself away from the prying eyes of six year old children. And when the server comes to bring me my sandwich, I almost have a panic attack.

Tracing fences is a lot safer. Although people likely think, "this guy's life is so boring, he's drawing a fence. Oh dear lord, he's tracing it. Somebody, hand him a pistol! I can't stand to see him suffer like this." Don't judge me. That fence is amazing.

Regarding the actual comic, I'm not sure if it's supposed to make a statement. Vomiting up an opinion about the fence is like offering an opinion on abortion. I don't have a vagina. I can't have babies. My thoughts on the matter are utterly irrelevant. And I live in a place that's so cold that the birds start flying south in August. Mexicans don't come here. The fence wouldn't impact me either way, except that I would have to block even more people from my social media feeds.

All I have to worry about up here is keeping my igloo stocked with sufficiently hairy women.

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